Hi, I'm Paulene Richardson and I set up even better parenting to help parents use Montessori-inspired parenting to bring out the best in their children.
It’s not home schooling, it’s about supporting good, everyday parenting.

I'm an Early Childhood and Montessori specialist, with decades of experience learning about the needs young children and their families.

My aim is to help parents meet the developmental needs of their young children within the family context.

Working with parents one-to-one to unpack and resolve parenting and family issues to create a more harmonious home is one of my favourite things to do and families tell me they’re really satisfied with my help.

I started my professional life as a primary teacher, however after being introduced to Montessori education and observing Montessori classes at work, I fell in love with the approach and off I went to London to do my (AMI) Montessori training.

Over the years since I have worked extensively with children and families, providing practical advice; equipping parents with strategies, skills and knowledge about how to create the best home environment for their child and for the family as a whole.

I realised that I was being asked again and again for advice on the same issues. Families told me the strategies I taught them worked and really helped to make family life more enjoyable for everyone.

In response I decided to create even better parenting so parents everywhere could gain access to that same information.

Using a Montessori-inspired approach my work focuses particularly on families with children from toddlers - 6 years.

You don't have to be committed to Montessori-style education to experience the benefits of the approach, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of Maria Montessori. It's very practical as it is in harmony with the developmental needs of the child.

I’m the parent of two wonderful adult children and now the grandparent of three delightful grandchildren and I’ve put my Montessori strategies into practice both personally and professionally now over two generations.

I offer a range of services to support you to create a home and family structure which will enable the level of family happiness and fulfilment you and your family deserve.

I promise you that when you use my services you will more fully understand the needs of your young child and how to best cater for those needs using a Montessori-inspired approach.