Hi, welcome to even better parenting.

I'm Paulene Richardson, specialist early years parenting coach.

Early years parenting isn’t easy, often it’s hard, frustrating and stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Keys to Contentment

open the door to a calmer, more deeply connected, family life

With Keys to Contentment you will:

  • have kids who listen to you

  • enjoy parenting more for more of the time

  • understand how to deal with challenging behaviour in a constructive and effective way

  • have access to skilled personal support

  • learn how to deal with everyday issues in practical positive ways

  • reduce family stress

  • avoid parent burnout

  • raise strong, confident, resilient children

  • give your child a great start in life

  • have more energy to enjoy your life!

Start with your free Discovery Session

During the session we’ll discover where the main problems lie, discuss what’s causing you most stress, I’ll talk you through some ideas for change and you ask the questions you most want answers to.

At the very least you’ll come way with some great practical tips


Deeper connection, more co-operation

Transform your world and create the family life you want, one that nurtures every family member, including you.

You’ll be happier, more confident and your kids, calmer and more co-operative.

Find out more in your free 30-minute Discovery Session

Keys to Contentment is:

  • highly personalised

  • focused on your particular family dynamics

  • includes 1:1 support sessions

  • age specific

  • comprehensive

  • packed with specialist knowledge and practical ‘how to’ information

Start with your free Discovery Session

If you:

  • want to know how to change your child’s behaviour

  • find yourself exhausted, thinking “there has to be a better way”

  • find gentle parenting difficult to maintain

  • feel you’re not the parenting the way you want to but don’t know what else to do

Keys to Contentment is the package for you.