8 steps to support independence

  1. Open shelves at child height with activities categorised and organised with all components needed. These activities are age and interest specific.
  2. A child sized table and chair or a Tripp Trapp chair (google it, they're fantastic) so the child can use the dining table.
  3. A step to allow access to the hand-basin / toilet. A hand-towel at the right height.
  4. A learning tower in the kitchen to provide safe access to kitchen benches for easy involvement in the preparation of food.
  5. Child safe kitchen utensils (lots available on the net) and a child sized chopping board, plus a place to work.
  6. Organise practical storage so the child can access (and put away) appropriate clothing and shoes.
  7. Purchase clothing and shoes which make it easy for the child to dress themselves and go to the toilet.
  8. Walk at a pace that allows the young child to explore their surroundings.