Kids love pouring, it helps their concentration - simple ways to help them

This week's suggestions follow on from last week's post about spooning beans.  

There's a wide range of activities which can be made progressively more interesting and more challenging as the child masters each level.

Any new activity should provide enough of a challenge that the child is aware they're attempting something new while at the same time it important for the child to experience a degree of success.  

So to paraphrase Goldilocks, not too easy, not too hard, just right.

Setting up these activities is great fun and an outlet for your creativity to devise a variety of new challenges as your child develops.

You'll have almost everything you need and if not Op shops are a rich source of suitable objects and cheap trays are often available at many budget outlets such as $2 shops and the Reject shop.

Here are a few  practical suggestions for steps:

  • The objects to be transferred become smaller e.g. large beads or shells or pom poms to large beans to small beans to lentils 
  • Introduce a spoon
  • The objects, the bowl and the spoon all become gradually smaller
  • Introduce things like tongs, tweezers and chopsticks and follow the same progression
  • Transfer liquid using ladles, spoons and pipettes of varying sizes. When introducing liquid if you place a small sponge on the tray  the child can then wipe up any spills.