Want to nurture concentration? Here's how.

Photo by: The Little House (Montessori)

Photo by: The Little House (Montessori)

Concentration and persistence are incredibly important to your child's current and future learning.

With the very best of intentions some parents aim to give their small children a head start by having them tutored in maths or reading and providing them with every educational toy they can afford.

Research shows that time (and money) would be much better spent ensuring little ones can sit and focus on a task, remember things and follow directions.

This topic links back to my earlier posts about creating a beautiful ordered environment where organisation and periods of calm allow concentration to develop.

Importantly, if we want to encourage the development of concentration we also require a range of age and interest appropriate activities. These activities need to be attractive, complete and organised in such a way that the child can independently choose, use and complete each one.



When all this happens the child's developmental needs are met, their quest for independence is both supported and enhanced and their choices respected.

Through these practical, organised, appropriate activities the child has a real opportunity to develop concentration and persistence (more to follow about persistence along with more simple practical activity ideas).

  • A simple practical example: cutting with scissors 

Requirements:  a tray, scissors which work (many scissors sold as children's scissors don't really cut anything), paper cut to size, as per the photo below, this is to increase the child's likelihood of success.

Some people like to add a small bowl or basket as storage for the cut pieces.

It's good to have a waste paper bin close by and a basket containing more of the prepared papers - as children rarely want to stop at one.


If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating this type of environment, don't despair that's something I can help with.  

One of the services I offer is de-cluttering toys and play areas and the establishment of beautiful, practical order. Contact me