Children thrive in a calm environment

Young children thrive in a well ordered environment.

Rearranging your child’s play area to meet their developmental needs will result in a happier, calmer, more engaged child who plays independently for longer periods of time.

Practical steps to a well prepared play area

  1. Assess and sort the toys you already have and decide which best serve the current developmental needs of your child and give away or store the rest. Use the Goldilocks principle, not too easy not too hard, but just right.

  2. Look at those toys in new ways. Get creative. Displayed differently the toys will often have a new appeal and better meet the child’s developmental needs. 

  3. Learn how to put the motto 'Help me to do it myself' into practice to satisfy the child's drive for independence and meaningful activity. There are lots of ideas on the blog page to help with this.

  4. Think about a storage and rotation system to sustain the newly established order.

  5. Make sure there is an area where the child can 'work' independently. Include things like a rubbish bin and a drying rack for painting and collage.

  6. Concentration is an important skill for future learning. Promoting and protecting a child's concentration, also increases the likelihood of sustained play. 

  7. Make a list of things you need to purchase. Purchase them.

Stand back, smile and enjoy the beauty and benefits of your work.

You would like support to do this please contact me as I can do this with, or for you.


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