Are you tired of being surrounded by mess?

If you're fed up with being surrounded mess, I can help. 

I really can. 

I will work with you to establish practical order and teach you why it’s important and how to maintain it while still meeting the active developmental needs of your child.

This may sound impossible but it's not, and when it's done it will make a huge difference to family life. 

Practical advice tailored to the specific needs of your family is the fastest and most effective way for you to achieve change.

Making change without support is difficult, not impossible but difficult, especially for busy parents.

Would you like a calmer home with happier, more content children (and adults!)?

Together we can make that a reality.

Creating a Calmer Home

 I will: 

  • Show you how to assess and sort the toys you already have. Advise you on which best serve the current developmental needs of your child and which need to be discarded or stored.

  • Demonstrate how to use the toys you already have in new ways. Organised differently the toys will have new appeal and your little one will be happier and more satisfied. 

  • Show you how you can create new activities which will satisfy your child's drive for independence.  

  • Advise on storage and rotation systems needed to sustain the newly established order. 

  • Discuss reorganisation of spaces so your child has an area where they can 'work' independently. 

  •  Demonstrate how to put the motto 'Help me to do it myself' into practice and understand your child's drive for meaningful activity. 

  • Teach you ways to promote and protect your child's concentration. 

  • Provide practical information about what, if anything, is additionally needed.

  • Check-in phone call to see how you're going.

Transformation packages

Physical transformation plays a very import part in behavioural transformation.

  • Half day home consultation  + written plan for ongoing sustainability + follow up phone call

  • Full day home consultation + written plan for ongoing sustainability + follow up phone calls

If you don’t live within reasonable travelling distance in Melbourne I am always happy to support you via Skype or phone.