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Lisa: "With the arrival of our second child, we were keen for some assistance and strategies in dealing with typical 2-3 year old behaviour challenges, and ensure we were prepared for inevitable sibling rivalry and others issues that arise when there’s more than one.

Paulene exceeded our expectations, she was down to earth and truly understood our parenting challenges.

In listening to us, she gave great practical strategies, along with the reasons why. We have implemented many of the simple tools provided, and these have definitely helped replace an authoritarian approach with one that is based on choice, that is calm and results in happier and more well behaved boys (and parents!)

Paulene has a wealth of knowledge and skill, I’d happily recommend her to anyone looking for alternative strategies to assist with the frustrating challenges we all have as parents."   

Olga: Thank you very much for all you are sending!  I truly enjoy each article and I pass it on to my daughters, in laws, friends and students!  God bless you for sharing such valuable info for the children thru the adults.

Emily: "I attended Paulene’s seminar and found it interesting, informative and very relevant for my young family.

She was generous with her time by answering questions from her audience. I found her to be approachable and friendly. I came away feeling motivated to make changes in my home.

I follow her Facebook page and find the articles and tips helpful."                                

Audrey: "Thank you for an eye opening and enlightening session at the Vermont South library. I found it very useful as well as reassuring of my parenting skills. 

It has given me confidence of my approach towards parenting and disciplining my four year old son. I look forward to the next time you speak at the Vermont South library."  

Jen: "Thanks Paulene. You are such a wealth of wonderful knowledge and advice. I’ve started following you on Instagram".