I'm Paulene Richardson, I set up even better parenting with the express purpose of helping families use the tools of a Montessori-inspired approach to parenting, enabling them to parent with confidence, contentment, creativity and joy.

As a parent of young children I longed for credible empathetic help, it was hard to find. I wanted to find a mentor who understood the type of parent I wanted to be.

I now have a great deal of experience working with young children and their families and am thrilled to be able to offer the support I longed for, to you.

 I've helped many other families, I can help yours too. 

Working with families to clarify their goals and resolve tangled issues is one of my favourite things to do.

Would you like a parenting mentor to support you to create your own parenting plan?

  • I can help you to more fully understand the developmental needs of your child meeting the child’s developing needs eases their frustration and gives them the opportunity to find their inner calm.

  • You can learn practical ways to meet the challenges of the early years.

  • I can be your 'turn to' person when you need advice.

  • You may not be entirely clear about the sort of parent you want to be, or you may be dissatisfied with your current parenting, I can help you clarify you thoughts and put together a plan.

Every family deserves to be happy

Understanding more fully the developmental needs of your child will mean you will be able to :

  • Communicate and engage even more effectively with your child

  • Have realistic expectations - underestimating or overestimating your child's capabilities can create stress and unhappiness for everyone

  • Set clear limits without the need for rewards or punishment

  • Use natural consequences instead of punishments

  • Be creative and confident about the activities you plan and the toys you buy - many homes are full of toys children seldom use.

  • Understand why many children have so much are still not satisfied and don’t use most of what they have.

The right support and simple strategic changes can make a huge difference to family life.  

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Would you like to learn how to create a children's area which is practical and matches the developmental needs of your child?

From Cluttered to Calm DIY or packages available.