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Seminar - Montessori at home: a practical introduction

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Montessori at home: a practical introduction

Wednesday 13th June

7.30 pm start - 9.00 pm

Preston Library Meeting room

266 Gower Street

Preston 3072

$22 pp

Paulene Richardson presents a seminar for parents and carers of children under 6, with particular emphasis on children aged 2-6.

This seminar will introduce you to the Montessori approach and show you how you can use Montessori principles at home.

Come along to the seminar if:

  • you would like to create a home environment that encourages independence, concentration and creativity

  • you would like family life to be more ordered and calm but don't know where to begin

  • your child has so many toys but finds it difficult to entertain themselves

  • you would like to be doing different activities with your child but aren't sure what to do

The seminar is suitable for those who don't know anything about Montessori and also for anyone familiar with it who would like more information and advice.

We will discuss:

  • What is Montessori and what are its benefits

  • The key elements that make up the Montessori approach

  • How you can make simple changes to your home that will make a big difference

  • Ideas for using Montessori in daily routines

  • Simple activities you can create for your child to encourage independence, concentration and creativity

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion during the seminar.

Places are  limited due to venue size so register early to avoid disappointment.


even better parenting seminars just for you (and a few of your closest friends)

Seminars tailor-made to your interests and delivered in a place of your choosing.

Get a group of friends together and enjoy a seminar designed especially for your group.


Below are just four suggestions for topics which have been very popular, many others are possible.

1. A Montessori Approach to Parenting- what is it? What are the advantages? How would I start?

2. De-cluttering, why it's important and the practical steps to stop drowning in toys and feel the benefits of a calmer, more peaceful home.

3. Developing effective Communication skills - stop pleading and nagging and get your kids to listen.

4. Resilience, what is it, why is it important and how to build it. (with or without an emphasis on school readiness)

On the Parenting Blog page here you'll find lots of other ideas for topics  which may appeal to you or your group/committee/club.

Contact Paulene here to discuss a seminar for your group 


An example of previous seminar:

How to get kids to listen better : developing effective communication with young children

Target age 2-7 years - lay good communication foundations for the years ahead.

Are you sometimes frustrated because your child doesn't seem to listen?

Perhaps you have explained things many times but it's just not working and you're so tired but don't know what else to do?

Come along and learn how to phrase your requests differently (yes it really does make a difference) and how to follow up.

Learn how to make important changes to things like voice tone and clarity of intent, changes which will bring positive results.

Plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.


If your organisation would like to host such a seminar, register your interest here. 

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