I'm passionate about using my skills and experience to help your family get maximum enjoyment out of your time together.

I offer these three services:

  • Calm Cooperative Kids - details below

  • Montessori Inspired - follow this link for details

  • Private Coaching and Consults available via video link - contact me to discuss this.

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Sensational new online Parenting Program

where every module includes 1:1 personal coaching (online)

Every module includes 1:1 personal coaching (online)

1: Ease Family Friction

  • Discover what’s realistic to expect at each stage of development  

  • Remove the guesswork using the Development Stages Map 

  • Learn how to create calm by giving your child exactly the challenge they need 

2: Create 'Deep Family Trust'

  • Credibility: the basics of creating a deep connection with your child 

  • Discover how to create clear communication that builds essential trust 

  • The clear communication framework for getting cooperation from your kid 

3: Implement the 'Behaviour-Change Formula'

  • Why punishment doesn’t work and what works beautifully instead 

  • How to supercharge the calming effects of small changes 

  • Follow the step-by-step guide to using the Natural Consequences method of developing cooperation 

4: Develop Your Child's Natural Independence

  • help your independent child to thrive and create pathways to calm cooperation. 

  • Read these signs and avoid stressful misunderstanding.

  • How order supports independence and why it matters.  

  • 3 detailed examples for you to implement  

5: Raising Resilient Kids

  • Resilient children have inner strength and the ability to bounce back from life's disappointments

  • How much disappointment is too much?

  • “My child is so sensitive they can’t cope” Yes they can when you use these techniques

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Calm Cooperative Kids

Sensational Online Parenting Program!

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